Meet Pear

I hear you’re looking for a tree…I’m Pear, and I hate to brag, but I’m the finest looking tree of the bunch. When volunteers are out working on the Farm, I can hear them talking about how much they love me. And who can blame them? Pears go best with wine and cheese, and I have such gorgeous spring flowers. But underneath all this glamour, I’ve got a reputation around town for being hardy. You see, I’m not normally susceptible to insects or disease, which makes things much easier on our Urban Farmers. Choose me as your tree, and you’ll go far.

Meet Peach

Hey, ya’ll! I’m a sweet Southern gal, of course – Peach is my name. I love how the bright summer sun makes my skin velvety and my cheeks blush. My fruit is perfect on your breakfast, hidden in your grandma’s dessert cobbler, or floating in that Bellini cocktail you’ll enjoy at Steeplechase. I’m grateful to call the Urban Farm my home because we have the best neighbors – rosemary, lavender, and other flowers that attract bees and good insects to keep us trees healthy and fruitful. Pick me for your tree and everything will be just peachy!

Meet Elderberry

Hey, man. I’m Elderberry, and I’ve been hanging out on the Farm listening to some Bob Marley. “We’re jamming… I wanna jam it with you… We’re jamming, jamming… And I hope you like jamming too.” Speaking of jam, did you know that people make jam, wine, and pies from my fruit? I’m in the honeysuckle family, but I’ve always been a bit of a rebel – My fruit is edible and tasty, and most honeysuckle fruit is not edible. I’m always down for jamming, so if you like jamming too, I hope you’ll pick me as your tree!

Meet Cherry

Hello there, I’m so pleased to see you. I’m Cherry, and I’m special because I thrive in most of America – including here on the HON Urban Farm! Cherries make a delightful snack, and are healthy because they are FULL of antioxidants. Plus, cherry blossoms signal one of the most exciting times of the year out on the Farm and throughout the United States – Spring! And we are celebrated throughout the world and especially in my native country, Japan, as symbolic of the beauty of human life. If you pick me, life will be just a bowl of cherries.

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